Why ATMA ?

ATMA is a high quality test, the scores of which can be used in the admission process, as a reliable predictor of academic performance in post graduate management programmes, including functional, sectoral and computer management programmes offered by various institutes/universities. ATMA's design is similar to that of Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). ATMA seeks to become the benchmark test in the world of management education. It is focussed on the student. ATMA does not require any specific prior knowledge of business or other subject areas nor does it seek to measure achievement in any particular subject area. The test is designed to assess the aptitude of the student for higher management education and primarily consists of sections on verbal skills, quantitative skills and analytical reasoning. Each section will be timed separately and the candidates need to answer questions in each section, within the time stipulated. They should not attempt to answer questions in any other section earlier or later than at the stipulated time. Questions are of the objective type.

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Membership is open to all the AIMS members and also other institutions/university departments offering Post-graduate Management courses including functional, sectoral and computer management programmes. The entry fee for AIMS Members is Rs.20,000 and for non-AIMS Members Rs.25,000. Institutes can take a one page write up in the ATMA Bulletin. at a fee of Rs.6,000  for AIMS Members and Rs.8,000 for non-AIMS Members.

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TheATMA Process

The Chairman, ATMA will announce the exact date of the test and the examination centres through letters to all the institutes. The institutes desirous of participating in ATMA would indicate their consent to participate within the stipulated time by forwarding the consent form, duly filled-in and signed along with the necessary participation fee. The students will be informed about ATMA through an announcement/advertisement in the leading national dailies giving details such as the names of the participating institutions, examination date, test centres, important dates and procedure for obtaining the application kit with sample questions. For ATMA 2003 to be held on February 9, 2003, the main advertisement will appear in major national dailies on October 27, 2003.

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Contact Us

For any further clarification/information, please write to:

The Chairman
AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA)
Plot No. 13.
Lalitha Nagar
West Marredpally 
Secunderabad - 500 026.
Tel No: 770 2224
Tele Fax No: 040 - 770 2218.
Email ID: atma_aims@vsnl.net

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