What is ATMA ?

ATMA is a standard test to assess the aptitude of candidates for Management Education. The test is run by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), which is a network of more than 200 management schools in the country. AIMS represents Indian Management Schools in the international networks body INTERMAN and is also associated with many committees of the government or its agencies looking at policies relating to management education.

ATMA has nothing to do with the admission process of the different management schools, which accept its scores. Student who take ATMA do not automatically get considered for admission by the management schools that accept ATMA scores for their admission unless they apply to them directly.

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What is the link between the ATMA and admission process of institutions ?

ATMA is a test essentially assessing the aptitude of students for management education. 55 management institutions today accept ATMA for their admission processes. It is up to individual management institutes to decide how it will use ATMA. Both AIMS and ATMA do not have nor intend to have any information relating to the admission processes of different institutions. This has to be clearly understood. Each student who takes ATMA can apply to any of the schools, which have announced publicly in newspaper announcements or brochure that they accept ATMA scores.

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What are the different subjects on which students are tested ?

ATMA checks the aptitude of the students for management education through three major elements:

  1. Quantitative Skills
  2. Analytical Reasoning
  3. Verbal Skills

Generally, these are the three areas required to assess the aptitude of a candidate. Other major testing agencies also test students in the same three areas. In ATMA, there are 200 questions, which a student has to answer. It is not really possible even for the best of students to answer all the questions. Exceptions will always be there. If one is unable to answer all the questions, it does not mean that you are not good enough for management education. In each section, the questions focus on different skills considered desirable for to be admitted into a good management school. Reference to the sample of questions given elsewhere in the bulletin or in this website will give you an idea of the kind of questions that are asked in the test.

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What is the validity period of ATMA ?

ATMA is valid for one year. However, it is up to the institution to decide whether they will accept scores which is one year old or the latest test that is offered. AIMS does not have any say in this nor does it intend to have any. How ATMA is to be utilized in the ATMA process is left entirely to the institutes or management schools.

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How can I get the further details about ATMA ?

Details about ATMA can be obtained from:

The Chairman
AIMS Test for Management Admissions
No.5, Sarojini Street,
Chennai - 600 034.
Tel No:
Fax No:
Emai ID:

ATMA bulletins are issued after the test dates are announced in the leading national dailies. Bulletins are issued from 5 centres whose names and telephone numbers are given below:

  1. The Chairman, ATMA, Office of AIMS, No.5, Sarojini Street, Mahalingapuram, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034. Tel No:044-823 8767
  2. The Registrar, FORE School of Management, "Adhyatam Kendra" - The Centre for Self Growth", B-18, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi - 110 016. Tel No:011-652 4013
  3. The Director, Indian Institute of Cost and Management Studies and Research (IndSearch), 85/1, Law College Road, Pune - 411 004. Tel No:020-543 1972
  4. The Registrar, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Juhu Vile Parle Development Scheme, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai - 400 056. Tel No:022-618 3688
  5. The Dean, Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Seva Sadan Campus, III Block, Koramangala, Bangalore - 560 034. Tel No:080-552 2787

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If I take ATMA, can I seek admission into foreign management schools ?

At present, only Indian institutions are accepting ATMA. ATMA started only last year. It is only one year old. Once it established well, it is possible that other institutions both national and international may opt for ATMA.

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If I take ATMA, is admission guaranteed ?

ATMA gives you an opportunity to apply to different management schools. Your performance in ATMA will determine your chances of getting admission to the institutes that you are applying. The ATMA organization will provide your raw scores as well as percentiles in each section as well as the total to enable you to assess where you stand in the student population that is taking ATMA.

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