• To provide a dynamic network of institutions engaged in Management Education, Training and Research in India.

  • To contribute to the development of Management Education, in all its aspects, both qualitatively and quantitatively and to help maintain and improve standards of teaching, research and examination.

  • To undertake, organize and facilitate training programmes for in-service personnel and their professional development.

  • To help in the accreditation process of Management Education Institutions by suggesting specific criteria and evaluation standards of institutions and their programmes.

  • To undertake and provide for the publication of newsletters, journals or other communications for dessimination of ideas and developments in the field of Management Education to member institutions.

  • To institute or cause to set up local/regional chapters at convenient locations in India and to promote the objects of the Association more effectively.

  • To cooperate, collaborate and interact with other Associations or Societies - National and International - for helping the cause of Management Education and Research, including training and consultancy.

  • To take steps for the development of management literature, case studies, teaching materials, books, etc., relevant to the Indian context.

  • To actively promote linkages between Management Education Institutions and Industry, Business and Government.

  • To strengthen institutional capabilities through faculty development, faculty exchange and enable better use of infrastructural facilities.

  • To organize seminars, conferences, management training, research, consultancy and publication activities in furtherance of the objectives of the Association.

  • To launch common management training, research and consultancy ventures outside India on its own or in collaboration with other management institutions and networks, industries, inter-governmental agencies and other funding organizations.

  • To associate and work in close collaboration with International Management Networks with a view to furthering the cause of Management Education and Management Development world-wide.

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